Student Academic Center (SAC)

The mission of the Student Academic Center is to provide academic guidance through peer to peer support, enhancing learning skills, and providing an atmosphere conducive to the learning process. We provide students the necessary assistance to improve grades, study skills, and overall academic performance.

Tutor instruction complements and fosters reinforcement of material implemented by professors in class, while leading students toward independent learning. SAC tutors provide instruction as well as peer support, guiding students through sharing skills and knowledge, while instilling confidence and encouragement. The Student Academic Center provides one-on-one attention, individualized explanations, and a forum to ask specific content questions.

The SAC is staffed by trained, qualified tutors that have been recommended by professors in their subject area. Tutors undergo a rigorous interview process resulting in an efficient and effective teaching and learning session.

Contact Information

Las Building Room 125
1300 Nevada State Drive #100
Henderson, NV 89002

(702) 992-2990 LAS
(702) 992-2991 DAW