Training and Resources

New researchers are encouraged to obtain human subjects training through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Protecting Human Research Participants Training before submitting any research proposal to the IRB. All researchers are also encouraged to review 45 CFR 46, as having an understanding of how the IRB conducts its reviews may be helpful in determining what to include in a protocol application.

Ethical issues are often raised in teaching and other academic activities that are non-research-related. These activities do not fall under the purview of the IRB. In these cases, researchers are encouraged to review the informational websites provided here to further their understanding of ethical issues. Please also feel free to email with any questions.

OHRP Decision Charts For guidance on determining whether an activity is research, can undergo expedited review, and if consent or signature of consent may be waived.

Informed Consent Checklist Have you covered all the elements of informed consent? Click to find out.

The Belmont Report This document established the three major principles by which IRBs review human subject research: (1) Beneficence, to minimize risks to subjects; (2) Respect for Persons, to ensure subjects are fully informed about the research and risks; (3) Justice, to promote equity in human subject research.

Resources Manual for Members - The following materials are provide to assist the IRB in conducting reviews.

  • The Nuremberg Code
    Link to: (PDF)
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  • Declaration of Helsinki
    Link to: (PDF)
    File size: 116 KB
  • Belmont Report
    Link to: (PDF)
    File size: 101 KB
  • HHS 45, CFR 46, Protection of Human Subjects
    Link to: (PDF)
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  • Frequently Asked Questions on 45 CFR 46
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  • OHRP Decision Charts
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  • OHRP Informed Consent Checklist
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  • OHRP Guidance on Engagement in Research
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  • FERPA Guidance
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