Nevada State College Hosts NSHE Board of Regents meeting for first time

March 23, 2016

This month, Nevada State College hosted the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents meeting in the James E. and Beverly Rogers Student Center, one of the newest additions to the NSC campus. 

Board of Regents

NSC was proud to host the Board of Regents for the first time, now that the newly expanded campus has the space and technology to accommodate the crowd of state higher education officials, staff, students and members of the public.

President Bart Patterson presented his Statewide Mission Plan for improving student access to four-year degrees on Thursday, March 3, during the Academic, Research and Student Affairs Committee meeting.

“Nevada State College is a forward-thinking institution and we have ideas for improving access to four-year degrees by partnering with two-year colleges across the state,” Patterson said. “My mission plan outlines ways Nevada State College can follow through on the NSHE goal for colleges to provide high quality, accessible and affordable baccalaureate degrees but also provide the system cost savings.”

Patterson’s proposal includes building partnerships between NSC and two-year college campuses. The crux of the partnerships would allow NSC to bring four-year programs to the campuses of the two-year institutions. The degree programs Patterson said he envisions for such efforts would be those that are “very local workforce centric” such as nursing, elementary and secondary education, business, criminal justice, and engineering technology just to name a few.

“The ultimate goal is to grow the demand for these programs statewide to the point that Nevada State College may expand into other parts of the State,” he said. 

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