Southwest Technology Showcase Brings Best & Brightest from the Region

The Southwest Technology Showcase (STS) brought together the best and brightest in the realm of instructional technology in the region. Over 150 individuals from 22 schools and organizations in four states attended the two-day showcase, including 24 students from 3 Nevada higher education institutions. The Nevada State College campus community celebrates the accomplishments of the

The Showcase featured presentations by 23 faculty, staff and administrators from 11 schools in Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. These demonstrations showcased innovative uses of technology for instruction, professional development, and student services.

The following awards were given to 6 of the 20 presentations.

Southwest Technology Showcase Winner's Circle

Best of Show Award:

A special congratulations goes to Nevada State College's very own Roxanne Stansbury and Marilyn Berry for their award-winning presentation: Overcoming the Hurdles and Stress of Group Projects with Wimba.

Best of Track Awards:

John Louviere, Utah State University
Assessment Interactive and Game Strategies: Full Immersion American Sign Language Training in an Online Environment

Roxanne Stansbury and Marilyn Berry, Nevada State College
Content New Media Strategies: Overcoming the Hurdles and Stress of Group Projects with Wimba

Chunyan Song, PhD, California State University, Chico
Delivery Online and Mobility Strategies: Promoting Student Service Learning with Web Guest Speakers

George Joeckel, Utah State University
Design Usability and Accessibility Strategies: PDF-Based Online Assignments: Free Software, Accessibility Tools, and More!

People's Choice Awards:

Justin White, Clark County School District
Student's Choice: Wiki-Teacher. Com

Donna Eyestone, City College of San Francisco
Faculty & Staff's Choice: Podcasting for Teachers