Institutional Research

The Nevada State Office of Institutional Research has the mission of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data necessary for the decision making and planning by the executive management of the college. We strive to provide timely and precise data to effectively address the needs of internal and external information requestors, in an effort to bolster the initiatives of the college and benefit the campus community.


The office of Institutional Research at Nevada State College provides timely data analysis to support, enhance and inspire effective decision-making. The goals of the IR office are:

  1. Collect and maintain institutional and benchmark data.
  2. Complete timely and accurate reports requested by internal and external agencies.
  3. Prepare and maintain innovative reports to help improve quality of education.


NSC admits First-Year, new high school graduates who are attending college for the first time, Transfers students from community colleges and universities, Post-Bacc students who have already have completed a bachelor's degree prior to applying to NSC, and Non-degree seeking students who plan to attend NSC to earn credits for classes they wish to transfer out. The following charts show admissions and enrollment data for new applications for three of most recent fall semesters.


Since its inception in Fall 2002, NSC has grown from 177 students to 3395 in Fall 2013. The following charts show the growth of NSC from 2002 to 2013 in overall headcount and by gender and ethnicity.


Fall to fall retention of first year, full-time student has been on a rise from 54% in 2002 to 69% in fall 2013.

Data are for first-time bachelor's(or equivalent) degree-seeking undergraduates
Overall first-year retention rate, Fall 2012:

  • Full-time students: 63%
  • Part-time students: 29%


Since its first graduation in Spring 2004, NSC has graduated over 2000 students.

Data are for full-time, first-time, degree/certificate-seeking undergraduates:

  • Overall graduate rate: 16%