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This is a big choice you're making, but not an overwhelming one. After all, once you choose Nevada State College, you're joining a unique and dynamic institution:

Academically Outstanding Accessible Engaging Diverse Career-focused

Academics are the backbone of NSC. You can choose from 25 high-demand majors and minors. Our instructors are high-quality and highly involved, focused not just on giving you knowledge, but teaching you to apply it. To find your program, go to Academics.

Accessibility is a must for today's student. You'll be able to learn in-class or online, or a hybrid of both. Affordability is also necessary. Visit our Paying for College page, where we'll help you calculate costs and find resources. One of our strengths is customer service, and we'll help you through every step of the process.

By Engaging your mind, you'll get the most out of your journey. Small class sizes keep you involved. Your professors will get to know you, along with your opinions, interests, strengths, and goals. We use innovation, and innovate ourselves, leading you to incorporate technology, thought and experience into your process.

Our Diverse community is simply a mirror of the larger world, where you'll work and study alongside people of all ages and backgrounds. You'll be challenged and invigorated by new outlooks and ideas. You'll make friends. Above all, you'll have fun. Explore Entering Class Profile, and check out Student Life.

An excellent value. A Nevada State College education is an excellent investment in your future, and it's a highly affordable one, too. Our tuition is among the lowest higher education rates in the nation; scholarships and other financial aid options bring the cost even lower for students who qualify.

Your Career is the ultimate goal, for all of us. From the moment you choose NSC, we prepare you to be successful. Those small class sizes are just the beginning. You will also learn to integrate technology into your career. NSC graduates have a high rate of employment the overwhelming majority choose to stay in Nevada, joining the workforce.

Who Studies at NSC

For some, going to college is never a question. For others, it's been a distant dream. We've been the choice for all kinds of students.

Different backgrounds. Disparate ages. A wide span of beliefs and circumstances. And yet, choosing NSC gives you all a shared goal: To learn, to achieve, and to succeed.

Right now, you may have an idea of who you want to be. The best version of you is ahead. This is where you start.

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