Our Campus

Nevada State College is a comprehensive baccalaureate institution of higher learning. In its short life, NSC has grown in enrollment and is poised to fulfill its role in meeting the increasing demand for higher education to address the state's need for an educated and skilled workforce.

We are in the desirable position of developing a completely new physical campus on a 509-acre site in Henderson, Nevada. We anticipate developing approximately six million square feet of academic and campus support space (residential, commercial and cultural), as well as open space by the time we reach our projected full enrollment of 25,000 - 30,000 students.

The College has a unique opportunity to create a truly sustainable campus community from the ground up. Our campus is being planned to address sustainability in the areas of carbon, energy, water, waste, materials, transportation, and landscape.

It is our hope that this campus will be a model of sustainable development that can educate through its very design and operations, as well as its curriculum.

Unlike the majority of established college and university campuses, we have the opportunity to not simply rethink the design of one building, but the arrangement of an entire community located at the base of the McCullough mountain range.